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New [08 Dec 2006|02:07pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]


I'm new here and just thought I would say HI! I've been searching around for a community like this... I actually almost started my own, but thought I would join this one instead.

I'm 24, recently married, work full-time and am currently house-hunting. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to contribute to this community… most likely just ideas, resources, some advice… and lots of questions. So that’s my little introduction! Hope to post back here soon :)

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Bunchy Purse [16 Nov 2006|11:49pm]
Bunchy Purse
I'm selling this purse on eBay because I need the cash, so feel free to bid!
Only 2 days left; auction ends on Saturday at 8PM, give or
take like 3 minutes.

(Feel free to delete this if it is against regulation in any way or is unwanted)
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[23 May 2005|12:57pm]

*Sorry for not posting, I really hope this community grabs more interest...*

+Beauty Secrets and Tips
+Help and Information
+Products and Apparel

New! Now creating Advice column! Need help with those relationship troubles? Siblings, friends and parents don't understand...? We're here to help!!! Totally confidential. Names will be change. Your problem and advice will be put up in journal for others to add advice and input. Please email your questions and problems to;
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Welcome! [06 Feb 2005|12:13pm]

I created this journal because there weren't to many communities where girls can talk about girl things! So have fun, be respectful, and be yourself!
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